Opening the Door

A thought stands ajar, drawing you in with curiosity and profound yearning to capture a slippery realisation.
A moment of understanding and of endless wondering. A moment of burrowing deep into the earth, and with that, a euphoria encapsulating both belonging and estrangement. A moment you won’t forget, even if you really wish to. 
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Snir Nakar’s piece “Opening the Door” embodies through movement a moment of eruption fulled by self discovery. Nakar weaves positions into repeating sequences that gain momentum, escalating to the point where the body is embroiled in a struggle with itself: arms and legs cross, the torso twists and hands suffocate the face, or perhaps, they’re just trying to support and protect it? The struggle reaches its climax and Nakar seems to stand still in front of the audience, but is unnoticeably and slowly collapsing into himself. Nearing the end, as Nakar’s body rolls on the floor to the sound of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love”, a feeling of confusion and dizziness emerges from the centre of the stage, but brings with it the promise of emancipation.
– Idit Suslik


Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel Aviv

Vertigo Eco Art Village, Kibbutz Nativ Halamed

Performa Festival, Dance Community Club, Tel Aviv


  • 2018

Choreography and Performance

  • Snir Nakar

Music Editing

  • Michal Ben-Basat

Lighting Design

  • Amiir Castro

Artistic Advisors

  • Anat Katz, Erez Maayan


  • David Kaplan
  • Dan Ben Ari